The journal publishes original research articles in pure and applied mathematics. It focuses on the following areas of mathematics: universal algebra and ordered algebraic structures, graph theory and combinatorics,  differential equations and their applications, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, differential geometry, optimization, numerical analysis.

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Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblat fűr Mathematik



Vol 87 No 2 (2018): AMUC

Published: 2018-08-21

The diophantine equations $2^n\pm3\cdot2^m+9=x^2$

László Szalay, Krisztán Gueth


Approximation by Sublinear Operators

George A. Anastassiou


On Jacobsthal difference sequences

Paula M. M. C. Catarino


Polynomials and Multinear mappings in locally convex algebras

Abdellah El Kinani, Rachid Choukri, Abdelmajid Oudades


Study of the numerical solution to the wave equation

Izabela Riečanová, Angela Handlovičová


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