The canonical Tutte polynomial for signed graphs

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Andrew Goodall Bart Litjens Guus Regts Lluís Vena


We construct a new polynomial invariant for signed graphs, the trivariate Tutte polynomial, which contains among its evaluations the number of proper colorings and the number of nowhere-zero flows. In this, it parallels the Tutte polynomial of a graph, which contains the chromatic polynomial and flow polynomial as specializations. While the Tutte polynomial of a graph is equivalently defined as the dichromatic polynomial or Whitney rank polynomial, the dichromatic polynomial of a signed graph (defined more widely for biased graphs by Zaslavsky)
does not, by contrast, give the number of nowhere-zero flows as an evaluation in general. The trivariate Tutte polynomial contains Zaslavsky's dichromatic polynomial as a specialization. Furthermore, the trivariate Tutte polynomial gives as an evaluation the number of proper colorings of a signed graph under a more general sense of signed graph coloring in which colors are elements of an arbitrary finite set equipped with an involution.

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Goodall, A., Litjens, B., Regts, G., & Vena, L. (2019). The canonical Tutte polynomial for signed graphs. Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae, 88(3), 749-754. Retrieved from