International Conference on Differential Equations, Czecho-Slovak series, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, July 25 - 29, 2005

Under the name EQUADIFF conferences on differential equations have been organized every 4 years alternating in Prague, Bratislava and Brno, of which the 11th has been organized in Bratislava in 2005. Under the same name EQUADIFF a number of important conferences on differential equations have been organized in Western Europe during the last decades (Marseille (1970), Brussels/Louvain-la-neuve (1973), Firenze (1978), Würzburg (1982), Xanthi (1987), Barcelona (1991), Lisboa (1995), Berlin (1999) and Hasselt (2003) ). Together with the organizers of the Equadiff-meetings in the Czech and Slovak republics it has been agreed that the two organizations would work together in order to have bi-annual Equadiff-meetings organized in an alternating way in respectively Prague, Bratislava or Brno and in other cities of Europe.

Equadiff has clearly developed into "the" European platform for international exchange of ideas on all mathematical aspects of differential equations, ranging from fundamental concepts to applications. The conference deals with ODE’s as well as PDE’s, delay equations, stochastic differential equations,...

Attention goes to related mathematical aspects of dynamical systems, applying methods of an analytic, geometric, ergodic or numerical nature. These methods play a crucial role in both the theoretical study and the applications.

Scientific Committee
H.Brezis P.Brunovsky O.Dosly F.Dumortier
R.EymardE.Feireisl Y.Giga J.Kacur
S.Luckhaus H.MatanoP.Rabinowitz A.Shishkov

Mini-symposia organizers
M.Benes A.ChambolleO.DoslyF.Dumortier
R.Eymard M.Feckan E.Feireisl T.Gallouet
Y.Giga L. Giacomelli A.Gladkov M.Hieber
D.Hilhorst J.Kacur B.Kawohl P.Krejci
T.Krisztin S.Luckhaus H.Matano A. Novick-Cohen
P.Polacik G.Raugel P.Rabinowitz B.Sandstede
K.Siebert A.Shishkov Ph.Souplet P.Szmolyan

Organizing committee

M. Fila (Chairman), P.Brunovsky, J.Filo, A.Handlovicova, K.Mikula, P.Quittner and D. Sevcovic

Plenary speakers
H. Amann E. Bansch P. Drabek
C. Elliott R. Herbin J. Hulshof
A. Mahalov J. Mallet-Paret H. Matano
M. MimuraP. RabinowitzM. Rumpf
L. VeronG. Weiss S. Yakovenko