Public Transportation Information


How to get to the Conference site:

Suggested connection:
To reach Bratislava:
By train: 
       Departure: Wien Sudbahnhof Bstg 1-9, 19.5., 11:12
       Arrival: Bratislava-Petrzalka, 19.5., 12:11
       Departure Wien Sbhf 11.28
       Arrival Bratislava 12.25
       Departure: Wien Sudbahnhof Bstg 1-9, 19.5., 12:12
       Arrival: Bratislava-Petrzalka, 19.5., 13:10
       Departure: Wien Sudbahnhof Bstg 1-9, 19.5., 12:28
       Arrival: Bratislava, 19.5., 13:38
                   Departure: Wien Sudbahnhof Bstg 1-9, 19.5., 13:12
       Arrival: Bratislava-Petrzalka, 19.5., 14:10
For more information concerning train and bus connection to and from Bratislava please visit
 Slovak Railways and Buses    
To reach the conference site:
            Departure Main Railway station            Arrival BOTANICKA ZAHRADA
Take Bus number 32 
                                   12.25           12.37  
                                   12.55           13.08      
                                   13.14           13.27
                                   13.34           13.47
                                   13.54           14.07
            Departure Railway station Petrzalka      Arrival BOTANICKA ZAHRADA
Take bus number 80 or 93 and get off on stop Zochova, change to bus 39 or 31 in direction to Mlynska dolina 
and get off on the bus stop  Slavicie udolie                 
Take bus number 91 and get off station Novy most, change to tram 4,5,9,12,13 in direction Karlova ves or Dubravka  
and get off on the stop Botanicka zahrada                       
You need a "30 minutes" ticket for 18 Sk to be purchased at kiosks or
machines (coins required)
The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is located at the
top of a small hill, approximately 500m to the right from the stop
BOTANICKA ZAHRADA. Look at the path way  snapshots and labels with 
 the conference logo. 


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