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Seminar 6.4.2017: Marek Fila

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:59 am
by quittner
Seminár z kvalitatívnej teórie diferenciálnych rovníc
Seminar on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations

Thursday 6.4.2017 at 14:00 Lecture room M-223

Marek Fila (KAMŠ FMFI UK):

Slow growth of solutions of super-fast diffusion equations with unbounded initial data

We study positive solutions of the super-fast diffusion equation in the whole space with initial data which are unbounded.
We find an explicit dependence of the slow temporal growth rate of solutions on the initial spatial growth rate.
A new class of self-similar solutions plays a significant role in our analysis.
This is a joint work with Michael Winkler.