Seminar 4.4.2013: Samuel Peres (KAMS)

Seminar on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
organized by P.Quittner, M.Fila and R.Kollar

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Seminar 4.4.2013: Samuel Peres (KAMS)

Postby quittner » Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:39 pm

Seminár z kvalitatívnej teórie diferenciálnych rovníc

Štvrtok 4.4.2013 o 14:00 v miestnosti M-223

Sámuel Peres (KAMŠ FMFI UK):
Nonsymmetric solutions of a nonlinear boundary value problem

We study the existence and multiplicity of positive nonsymmetric
and sign-changing nonantisymmetric solutions
of a nonlinear second order ordinary differential equation
with symmetric nonlinear boundary conditions,
where both of the nonlinearities are of power type.
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