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Seminar centra pre ekonomiu a financie 17.6.2010
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Vazeni kolegovia,

pozyvame Vas na seminar Centra pre ekonomiu a financie Fakulty matematiky,
fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenskeho. Jeho obsahom bude prednaska

Juergen Jerger (University of Regensburg):

The Macroeconomic Consequences of EMU: International Evidence from a DSGE

ktora sa uskutocni vo stvrtok 17. 6. 2010 o 16.00
v poslucharni C na FMFI UK.

Abstrakt prednasky:
In this paper, we estimate a New Keynesian DSGE model developed
by Ireland (2003) on French, German and Spanish data with the aim to
explore the macroeconomic consequences of EMU. In order to validate the
results from the DSGE model, we amend this analysis by stability tests of
monetary policy reaction functions for these countries. We find that (a)
the DSGE structure is well suited for the characterization of key
macroeconomic features of the three economies; (b) significant efficiency
gains were realized in terms of lower adjustment cost of prices and the
capital stock; (c) the behavior of monetary policy did not change in
Germany, unlike in France and Spain. Specifically, the impact of inflation
on interest rates increased considerably in the two latter countries.
Keywords: DSGE, Monetary Policy, EMU
JEL Classification: E31, E32, E52

Viac informacii o seminaroch najdete na web-stranke:
v casti "Aktuality a seminare".

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