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Seminar CEF 13.3.2013: Anna Gunnthorsdottir (Vienna)
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Predmet príspevku:  Seminar CEF 13.3.2013: Anna Gunnthorsdottir (Vienna)

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pozývame Vás na seminár Centra pre ekonómiu a financie Fakulty
matematiky, fyziky a informatiky Univerzity Komenského.
Jeho obsahom bude prednáška:

Anna Gunnthorsdottir (Vienna University of Economics & Business and Melbourne Business School)

The predictive power of the Nash equilibrium under merit-based social organization

ktorá sa uskutoční v stredu 13.3.2013 o 15.00

v posluchárni C na FMFI UK.

Abstrakt prednášky:

Gunnthorsdottir, Vragov, Seifert & McCabe (2010) introduce a bi-level variation of a standard social dilemma game, called “Group-based Meritocracy Mechanism” (GBM). In a GBM, players compete for membership in stratified teams based on the social contribution they make. The GBM has an asymmetric, highly efficient equilibrium that is hard to detect. Yet experimental subjects coordinate this equilibrium without consciously knowing it, without communicating, and apparently without learning. Kahneman (1988) coined the term “Magic” for phenomena of this kind, but the “Magic” that occurs in experimental tests of GBM mechanisms is substantially more sophisticated than previously observed.
Early GBM studies assumed that all society members have equal ability to contribute. In naturally occurring societies however, individual abilities (e.g., IQ, health), differ. New findings from the GBM are that when abilities to contribute differ 1) the highly efficient equilibrium also often exists but becomes more complex and 2) experimental subjects still manage to coordinate it “magically”.
In addition to demonstrating that groups can tacitly coordinate non-obvious asymmetric equilibria in a way that may not yet be fully understood, the experimental results from the GBM mechanism have a potential social implication, since they suggest that humans respond predictably and efficiently to merit-based social organization.

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