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Doktorandske studium matematiky v Bari, Taliansko
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Dear Colleague,

I am the Coordinator of a three years Doctoral Program in Mathematics at
the Department of Mathematics of University of Bari, Italy.

We would like to encourage and invite good students from your Department
to apply to this program studies.

The candidate students who want to be enrolled in this program have to
participate to a preliminary exam that usually is in December of each
year. The program starts with January of each year.

The candidate students who wish to apply to this program must have
completed a four (or more) years undergraduate program in Mathematics or
Physics or Computer Science.

Usually, each year, we have four positions for new students. The salary per
student is almost of Euros 900 Euro per month but starting with this year
it will be increased to Euros 1100 per month.

In our program we have 7 scientific areas:

1. Analysis
2. Algebra
3. Geometry
4. Mathematical Physcs
5. Probability
6. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation
7. Mathematics in Finance

and each student has to choose one of these scientific areas.

During their Doctoral studies, the students may visit others Departments
(for at most 18 months) in Italy or outside Italy to collaborate and
prepare their Doctoral thesis. In such a period their scholarship will be
increased with respect the usual amount.

The Doctoral Program is an Italian language program but several courses
may be taught in English.

We are preparing an English home page on our Doctorate, but at the moment
visit the (Italian} site:


For more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Luciano Lopez
Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Mathematics
Full Professor in Numerical Analysis
Department of Mathematics
University of Bari, Italy

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