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PhD štúdium na Cass Business School of Finance v Londýne
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Autor:  brunovsky [ Štv Jún 22, 2017 12:19 pm ]
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Správa od Aleša Černého, profesora na Cass Business, nášho dlhodobého spoluprcoavníka:

Jeden matematicky zrucny poistovnik/aktuar z Cass Business School v Londyne, Jens Perch Nielsen, zhana dvoch absolventov na doktorat. Sprava od neho s kontaktnym e-mailom v prilohe. Vyzaduje vybornu znalost financnej matematiky/difuznych modelov a samozrejme schopnost modelovat. Zaujemci nech e-mailuju priamo jemu. Je tam moznost aby sa zapojil parovy tim. Sucastou vyskumu je aj pobyt v Barcelone.

Ales Cerny


Dear Ales.

Let me know if you hear about good potential phd-students willing to work on saving and consumption and on financial solidarity between groups. And able to start between october 1st and January next year. The students should be confident with stochastic algebra and financial mathematics or at least the mathematics of stochastic diffusion processes underlying financial mathematics. The phd is part of a major grant from the institute of actuaries and the successful candidate will work on the frontier of theoretical research in pensions, savings and consumption as well as accommodating the challenge of communicating the results to a professional community. The work is lead by professor Jens Perch Nielsen from Cass Business School, but there will be a network of academics and practitioners at all levels to work together with and to learn from.

The students should contact professor Jens Perch Nielsen at email jens.nielsen.1@city.ac.uk for further information. Notice that there is the possibility of two good candidates that are friends to apply together and work together on the project.

Thanks, Jens

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