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Autor:  brunovsky [ Uto Mar 20, 2018 12:58 pm ]
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Cerge-Ei offers two premium stipends of 20,000 Kč/month for a period of five years financed by an ERC grant of Jakub Steiner to pursue a PhD degree at Cerge-Ei. Selected candidates will have to gain regular PhD student status to be eligible for the stipend.
Suitable candidates have finished MA degree, speak English, are proficient in math, and interested to learn economics. Interest in economic theory is welcome. The stipend recipients will enroll into the Cerge-Ei PhD program, are expected to conduct independent economic research, and will be mentored by Jakub Steiner. No previous economic education is requested. Interest in social sciences, and ability of abstract thinking are a must.
Interested applicants should contact jakub.steiner@cerge-ei.cz and phd@cerge-ei.cz.

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