Application of Modified Subjective Surface Method to 3D Cell Membrane Image Segmentation

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Markjoe Olunna Uba Karol Mikula Zuzana Krivá Nguyen Hanh Thierry Savy Eléna Kardash Nadine Peyriéras


In this paper, we study $3$D cell membrane image segmentation where the segmented surface is reconstructed by the use of $3$D digital cell membrane image information and information that is obtained from thresholded $3$D image in a local domain. The segmentation method is based on evolution of surface that is governed by a nonlinear PDE, the modified subjective surface equation. A semi-implicit finite volume scheme was used for the numerical discretization of the proposed model. The method was applied to real data representing $3$D microscopy images of cell membrane within the zebrafish pectoral fin.

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Uba, M., Mikula, K., Krivá, Z., Hanh, N., Savy, T., Kardash, E., & Peyriéras, N. (2020). Application of Modified Subjective Surface Method to 3D Cell Membrane Image Segmentation. Proceedings Of The Conference Algoritmy, , 51 - 60. Retrieved from


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