Developing a Micro-Scale Model of Soil Freezing

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Alexandr Žák Michal Beneš Tissa H. Illangasekare


In this contribution, we analyze thermal and mechanical effects related to the soil freezing at micro-scale. A simple 2D mechanical model of the phase transition in a pore is presented. This model is based on the Navier equations and on the continuity equation and serves mainly for a verification of the dynamics of the mechanical reaction. A basic qualitative computational study of this model is presented. Further, this model is generalized by supplementing it with a heat balance law and considering pore structure geometry onto the thermo-mechanical model describing  the mutual interaction of all pore components. For this model, some basic qualitative studies, which indicate non-trivial progress of the interaction, are presented as well. 

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Žák, A., Beneš, M., & Illangasekare, T. (2016). Developing a Micro-Scale Model of Soil Freezing. Proceedings Of The Conference Algoritmy, , 234-243. Retrieved from


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