Numerical homogenization for indefinite H(curl)-problems

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Barbara Verfürth


In this paper, we present a numerical homogenization scheme for indefinite, time-harmonic Maxwell's equations involving potentially rough (rapidly oscillating) coefficients. The method involves an $\mathbf{H}(\mathrm{curl})$-stable, quasi-local operator, which allows for a correction of coarse finite element functions such that order optimal (w.r.t.\ the mesh size) error estimates are obtained. To that end, we extend the procedure of [D.Gallistl, P.Henning, B.Verfurth,  Numerical homogenization for H(curl)-problems, arXiv:1706.02966, 2017] to the case of indefinite problems. In particular, this requires a careful analysis of the well-posedness of the corrector problems as well as the numerical homogenization scheme.

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