Software for Optimal Design

by the experimental design group from Comenius University



R library OptimalDesign

  • The library OptimalDesign enables the user to easily compute D-, A-, I-, and c-efficient designs of experiments including:
    • optimal approximate and exact designs with or without replications,
    • optimal designs at standard or restricted design spaces,
    • optimal designs under various kinds of simultaneous constraints, ...
  • The library is free, including the free academic license for the few functions that require the commercial gurobi solver; see our gurobi installation guide. (Note that most of the computational procedures in the library OptimalDesign are open source and do not require the gurobi solver.)
  • Many of the implemented algorithms have been developed by the authors of OptimalDesign themselves and substantially outperform competing methods and/or allow for solving more complex design problems.
  • See a brief introduction including mathematical specifications.
  • OptimalDesign can also be used to compute the solutions to some related optimization problems such as minimum-volume data-enclosing ellipsoids and t-optimal graphs.
  • The package is actively maintained, continually tested and improved by the authors. See the list of known bugs and suggestions for improvement.
  • We will be happy to help you with any technical or theoretical problem, or with any question related to the computation of experimental designs.

Computer source codes accompanying our academic papers


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