19th Conference on Scientific Computing, Vysoké Tatry – Podbanské, Slovakia, September 9 – 14, 2012

Proceedings of contributed papers and posters


A. Handlovičová, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Z. Minarechová, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

D. Ševčovič, Comenius University, Bratislava

Scientific Programme Committee:

E. Baensch, University of Erlangen

P. Bastian, University of Heidelberg

M. Beneš, Czech Technical University in Prague

M. Feistauer, Charles University in Prague

M.Gander, University of Geneva

J. Kačur, Comenius University, Bratislava

K. Mikula, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

M. Ohlberger, University of Munster

M. Rumpf, University of Bonn

O. Scherzer, University of Innsbruck

J. A. Sethian, University of California, Berkeley

D. Ševčovič, Comenius University, Bratislava

M. Tůma, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

M. Vajteršic, University of Salzburg

ISBN 978-80-227-3742-5

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Publishing House of STU, 2012


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Error control based model reduction for multiscale problems

M. Ohlberger

pp. 1-10          PDF file

Efficient matrix-free implementation of discontinuous Galerkin methods for compressible flow problems

R. Klöfkorn

pp. 11-21          PDF file

On numerical simulation of airfoil vibrations induced by compressible flow

M. Feistauer, J. Česenek

pp. 22-31          PDF file

Immersed interface method for a level set formulation of problems with moving


P. Frolkovič

pp. 32-41          PDF file

Lagrangean method with topological changes for numerical modelling of forest fire propagation

M. Balažovjech, K. Mikula, M. Petrášová, J. Urbán

pp. 42-52          PDF file

Interface problems for quasi-linear elliptic equations by material and shape derivative methods

I. Cimrák

pp. 53-64          PDF file

A Newton-scheme framework for multiscale methods for nonlinear elliptic homogenization problems

P. Henning, M. Ohlberger

pp. 65-74          PDF file

Solving the oblique derivative boundary-value problem by the finite volume method

M. Macák, K. Mikula, Z. Minarechová

pp. 75-84          PDF file

Two dimensional simulation of fluid-structure interaction using DGFEM Equations

J. Hasnedlová-Prokopová, M. Feistauer, J. Horáček, A. Kosík, V. Kučera

pp. 85-94          PDF file

A three-factor convergence model of interest rates

B. Stehlíková, Z. Zíková

pp. 95-104          PDF file

Modelling root system phosphate uptake from a soil column as affected by root exudation

A. Schnepf, P. Scholl, G. Bodner, D. Leitner

pp. 105-112          PDF file

Image analysis of 2-dimensional root system architecture

D. Leitner, A. Schnepf

pp. 113-119          PDF file

A new form-finding method based on mean curvature flow of surfaces

M. Húska, M. Medľa, K. Mikula, P. Novysedlák, M. Remešíková

pp. 120-131          PDF file

Parallel one-sided Block-Jacobi SVD algorithm

M. Bečka, G. Okša, M. Vajteršic

pp. 132-140          PDF file

Aggregation schemes for k-cycle AMG

M. Emans

pp. 141-150          PDF file

Performance of the block Jacobi method for the symmetric eigenvalue problem on a modern massively parallel computer

Y. Takahashi, Y. Hirota, Y. Yamamoto

pp. 151-160          PDF file

On some model reduction approaches for simulations of processes in Li-ion battery

O. Iliev, A. Latz, J. Zausch, S. Q. Zhang

pp. 161-171          PDF file

Numerical study of flow in a 2D boiler

P. Bauer, V. Klement, P. Strachota, V. Žabka

pp. 172-178          PDF file

Comparison of three different obstacle models for modeling of stratified flows over the body

L. Beneš, P. Fraunié

pp. 179-189          PDF file

On the use of non-linear TVD filters in finite-volume simulations

T.  Bodnár

pp. 190-199          PDF file

Mortar-like mixed-hybrid methods for elliptic problems on complex geometries

J. Březina

pp. 200-208          PDF file

Numerical simulation of interaction between incompressible flow and an elastic wall

M. Hadrava, M. Feistauer, P. Sváček

pp. 209-218          PDF file

Vector penalty-projection method for incompressible fluid flows with open boundary conditions

P. Angot, R. Cheaytou

pp. 219-229          PDF file

Structure-preserving finite difference scheme for vortex filament motion

T. Ishiwata, K. Kumazaki

pp. 230-238          PDF file

Time-convenient deformation of musculoskeletal system

P. Kellnhofer, J. Kohout

pp. 239-249          PDF file

Exploiting limited access distance of ODE systems for parallelism and locality

in explicit methods

M. Korch

pp. 250-260          PDF file

Interaction patterns for concurrently executed parallel tasks

J. Dümmler

pp. 261-271          PDF file

A reduced basis method for parameter optimization of multiscale problems

M. Ohlberger, M. Schaefer

pp. 272-281          PDF file

Improved row-grouped CSR format for storing of sparse matrices on GPU

T. Oberhuber, M. Heller

pp. 282-290          PDF file

Finite element approximation of Stokes-like systems with implicit constitutive relation

J. Stebel

pp. 291-300          PDF file

Numerical modelling of compressible inviscid and viscous flow in turbine cascades

P. Louda, K. Kozel, J. Příhoda

pp. 301-310          PDF file

Necessary and sufficient condition for the validity of the discrete maximum principle

T. Vejchodský

pp. 311-320          PDF file

Numerical approximation of nonlinear fluid-structure interaction problems

P. Sváček

pp. 321-330          PDF file

A comparison of several time discretization methods for free surface flows

E. Bänsch, S. Weller

pp. 331-341          PDF file

Some second order time accurate finite volume method for the wave equation using a spatial multidimensional generic mesh

A. Bradji

pp. 342-352          PDF file

Bridging law shape for long fibre composites and its finite element construction

V. Kozák, Z. Chlup

pp. 353-361          PDF file

Geometric properties of particle ensembles in terms of their set covariance

W. Gille

pp. 362-370          PDF file

Generalized fronts propagation on weighted graphs

X. Desquesnes, A. Elmoataz, O. Lézoray

pp. 371-381          PDF file

Finite element error estimates for nonlinear convective problems

V. Kučera

pp. 382-392          PDF file

The localized reduced basis multiscale method

F. Albrecht, B. Haasdonk, S. Kaulmann, M. Ohlberger

pp. 393-403          PDF file

Numerical studies of variational-type time-discretization techniques for transient Oseen problem

N. Ahmed,G. Matthies

pp. 404-415          PDF file

Parallel algorithms for segmentation of cellular structures in 2D+Time and 3D morphogenesis data

K. Mikula, M. Smíšek, R. Špir

pp. 416-426          PDF file

Application of a degenerate diffusion method in 3D medical image processing

R. Máca, M. Beneš

pp. 427-437          PDF file

Stabilized semi-implicit finite volume scheme for parabolic tensor diffusion equations

A. Handlovičová, P. Kútik, K. Mikula

pp. 438-447          PDF file