Algoritmy 2009

18th Conference on Scientific Computing Vysoké Tatry - Podbanské, Slovakia, March 15 - 20, 2009, Proceedings of contributed papers, Editors: A. Handlovicova, K. Mikula, P. Frolkovic, D. Sevcovic

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Publishing House of STU, 2009, ISBN 978-80-227-3032-7




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A 2D/3D Finite Volume Method used to solve the bidomain equations of electrocardiology

Yves Coudière, Charles Pierre, Rodolphe Turpault

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Efficient Numerical Techniques for Perspective Shape from Shading

Michael Breuss, Oliver Vogel, Joachim Weickert

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Stabilized DDFV schemes for Stokes problem

Stella Krell

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A class of collocated finite volume schemes for incompressible flow problems

Robert Eymard, Raphaele Herbin, Jean Claude Latché, B. Piar

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An Iterative Substructuring Method for the Discretized Stokes Equations by

a Stabilized Finite Element Method

Atsushi Suzuki

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A 3D Discrete Duality Finite Volume Method for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

Yves Coudière, Florence Hubert

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New Limiter Functions For High Order Finite Volume Methods

Miroslav Čada, Manuel Torrilhon

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Checkerboard modes and wave equation

Stéphane Dellacherie

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Well-balanced finite volume evolution Galerkin methods for the 2D shallow water

equations on adaptive grids

Andreas Bollermann, Mária Lukáčová-Medviďová, Sebastian Noelle

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A Multilevel Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Compressible Navier-Stokes


Florian Prill, Mária Lukáčová-Medviďová, R. Hartmann

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On the approximation of the null-controllability problem for parabolic equations

Franck Boyer, Florence Hubert, Jérôme Le Rousseau

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Reduced Basis Method for Finite Volume Approximation of evolution equations on

parametrized geometries

Martin Drohmann, Bernard Haasdonk, Mario Ohlberger

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Adaptive diamond cell finite volume method in image processing

Zuzana Krivá , Karol Mikula

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Antidissipative Numerical Schemes for the Anisotropic Diffusion Operator

in Problems for the Allen-Cahn Equation

Pavel Strachota

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Fully discrete approximation of a three component Cahn-Hilliard model.

Franck Boyer, Sebastian Minjeaud

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Complementary finite volume scheme for the anisotropic surface diffusion flow

Tomáš Oberhuber

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A higher order scheme for the curve shortening flow of plane curves

Martin Balažovjech, Karol Mikula

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Algorithm for topological changes of parametrically described curves

Petr Pauš, Michal Beneš

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Numerical Simulation of Dislocation Dynamics - The Stress Field Evaluation Threshold

Vojtěch Minárik, Jan Kratochvíl, Michal Beneš

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Epitaxial Crystal Growth

Hung Hoang Dieu

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Second order numerical solution for optimal control of monodomain model

in cardiac electrophysiology

Chamakuri Nagaiah, Karl Kunisch, Gernot Plank

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Numerical justification of asymptotic eddy--currents model for heterogeneous


Valdemar Melicher, Ján Buša Jr.

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Heterogeneous Multiscale Method in Eddy Currents Modeling

Ján Buša Jr., Valdemar Melicher

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Mixed regularization method for image restoration

Ivan Cimrák, Valdemar Melicher

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Optimal error estimates in the DG method for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems

Václav Kučera

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Numerical solution of fluid-structure interaction problems by finite element method

Petr Sváček

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Nonlinear interaction of incompressible flow and a vibrating airfoil with three

degrees of freedom

Martin Růžička, Miloslav Feistauer, Jaromír Horáček, Petr Sváček

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Discrete maximum principle for prismatic finite elements

Tomáš Vejchodský

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Second order Time discontinuous Galerkin method for nonlinear convection

diffusion problems

Miloslav Vlasák

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Numerical analytic airfoil stability investigation based on vortex element method

Ilia K.Marchevsky

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Discontinuous Galerkin method for nonstationary nonlinear

convection--diffusion problems: A priori error estimates

Jiří Hozman

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Application of Discontinuous Galerkin method for the simulation of 3D inviscid c

ompressible flows

Martin Holík

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Root growth simulation using L-systems

Daniel Leitner, Andrea Schnepf

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FEM Simulation of below ground processes on a 3-dimensional root system geometry

using Distmesh and COMSOL Multiphysics

Andrea Schnepf, Daniel Leitner

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Simulating Certain Aspects Of Multiphase Flow Using Stochastic Differential


David W. Dean

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Pressure stabilized finite element formulation for Darcy flow

Kamel Nafa

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Numerical model of air-staging and OFA in PC boiler

Robert Straka, Jindřich Makovička, Michal Beneš

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Scale bridging in diffusive phase transformation

Jiří Vala

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A Novel Video Compression Scheme Based on Kinetic Delaunay Triangulation

Tomáš Vomáčka, Petr Puncman

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Efficient Hash Function for Duplicate Elimination in Dictionaries

Václav Skála, Jan Hrádek

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Detecting cavities in a system of overlapping spheres using enveloping triangulation

Ján Buša, Edik Hayryan, Shura Hayryan, Chin-Kun Hu, Jaroslav Skřivánek, Ming-Chya Wu

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A Monte Carlo solution to the minimal Euclidean matching

Jiří Skála, Ivana Kolingerová, Jan Hyka

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Semidefinite representability of the trace of totally positive Laurent polynomial

matrix functions

Michel Baes

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Futures trading with transaction costs

Petr Dostál

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On Block Jacobi Annihilators

Vjeran Hari

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Greville's Method for Preconditioning Least Squares Problems

Xiaoke Cui, Ken Hayami, J-F Yin

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On Data Layout in the Parallel Block-Jacobi SVD Algorithm with pre-processing

Martin Bečka, Gabriel Okša, Marián Vajteršic, Laura Grigori

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Introduction of double divide and conquer and the recent progress

Taro Konda, Yoshimasa Nakamura

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