The Equadiff is a series of biannual conferences on mathematical analysis, numerical approximation and applications of differential equations. It is held in rotation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Western Europe. The last Equadiff (Equadiff 14 in the Czecho-Slovak series) was organized in Bratislava, Slovakia, July 24-28, 2017  by the Slovak University of Technology, in cooperation with Comenius University, Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists, Slovak Mathematical Society and Algoritmy:SK s.r.o.  The web page of the conference is:

During the last decades the Equadiff has clearly developed into the world platform for international exchange of ideas on all mathematical and numerical aspects of differential equations, ranging from fundamental concepts to applications.

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Proceedings of Equadiff 2017 Conference

Proceedings of Equadiff 2017 Conference, Bratislava, July 24-28, 2017, K. Mikula, D. Ševčovič and J. Urbán, Eds. Published by Slovak University of Technology, SPEKTRUM STU Publishing, 2017, ISBN: 978‐80‐227‐4757‐8.  

Published: 2017-12-29


Karol Mikula, Daniel Ševčovič, Jozef Urbán


Boundedness and stabilization in a three-dimensional two-species chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes system

Tomomi Yokota, Misaki Hirata, Shunsuke Kurima, Masaaki Mizukami


The Tree-Grid Method with Control-Independent Stencil

Igor Kossaczký, Matthias Ehrhardt, Michael Günther


On Lyapunov stability in hypoplasticity

Victor A. Kovtunenko, Pavel Krejčí, Erich Bauer, Lenka Siváková, Anna V. Zubkova


Analysis of the FEM and DGM for an elliptic problem with a nonlinear Newton boundary condition

Miloslav Feistauer, Ondřej Bartoš, Filip Roskovec, Anna-Margarete Sändig


Visco-elastic-plastic modeling

Jana Kopfová, Mária Minárová, Jozef Sumec


Stability of ALE space-time discontinuous Galerkin method

Miloslav Vlasák, Monika Balázsová, Miloslav Feistauer


Numerical study on the blow-up rate to a quasilinear parabolic equation

Koichi Anada, Tetsuya Ishiwata, Takeo Ushijima


Two methods for optical flow estimation

Viera Kleinová, Peter Frolkovič


Mathematically Modelling The Dissolution Of Solid Dispersions

Martin Meere, Sean McGint, Giuseppe Pontrelli


An elementary proof of asymptotic behavior of solutions

Motohiro Sobajima, Giorgio Metafune


Nonlinear Tensor Diffusion in Image Processing

Oľga Stašová, Angela Handlovičová, Karol Mikula, Nadine Peyriéras


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